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The purpose of the Pediatric Knowledgebase is to develop a comprehensive knowledgebase of clinical information in a Web-based user interface that will allow clinicians to arrive at pharmacologically rational dosing decisions when caring for patients with a spectrum of disease states (e.g., critical illness, renal or hepatic dysfunction, congestive heart failure, poly-pharmacy, etc). The Pediatric Knowledgebase is also designed to provide pharmacokinetic-dynamic tools that will allow clinicians to extrapolate data to unique clinical scenarios.

Such a system will:

Our long-term research goal is to facilitate the safe and effective administration of drugs used to treat children. To achieve this goal, we aim to create a patient-based informatics system that contains relevant dosing data about specific agents in various pediatric subpopulations. We will distinguish our system from existing commercial offerings by employing analysis and visualization tools to forecast patient outcomes and dosing scenarios. We hypothesize that dosing outcomes can be improved when caregivers are efficiently informed and guided during the process of patient evaluation. Well-characterized models that account for sources of variation in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and/or their relationships with clinical outcomes are being integrated into this system along with relevant clinical data to visualize correlations with a particular combination of drug or disease state.

Our steering committee will ensure that the drug dashboards created for unique agents will meet the requirements for therapeutic area specialists (the end-users) who would prescribe target agents. The therapeutic standards committee (TSC) of the Hospital will ultimately serve as the decision-making body that determines how in-Hospital testing of the Pediatric Knowledgebase may proceed.